Research statement

This section aims to present the starting points of a research project entitled „Aesthetics of Artificial Intelligence Art „, which explores the relationship between artificial intelligence art and computational neuroaesthetics. The research subject and approaches to it will be approached from three positions. The theoretical position is placed in the discourse of art and aesthetics of artificial intelligence. The analytical position relies on the study of contemporary artistic practice and will identify artistic strategies in the subject area. The experimental position represents a practical-speculative approach to the realization of one’s research into the possibilities of art and aesthetics, which can also be understood as artistic research. The goal of the research is to offer an answer to the question of whether it will be possible to create non-human artificial intelligence art and under what conditions. To achieve the research goals, I also see the acceleration of the application possibilities of using computational neuroaesthetics as a significant contribution, the benefits of which, even outside the scope of this research project, have the potential to influence related methodological approaches.

Umelecko výsumné strategie AIArt a vedomieArtistic-Research Strategies in AIArt and Consciousness AnotáciaŠtúdia Umelecko-výskumné stratégie AIArt a vedomie ponúka úvahu o
Tomáš Marušiak, born in 1980, is a new media artist and scientist specializing in AIArt, 3D computer art, and
Je umelec  a výskumník  v oblasti  nových médií, ktorý  sa špecializuje  na umenie  umelej  inteligencie, 3D počítačové umenie a  Vyštudoval Vysokú školu
ESTHETICS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ART Tomáš Marušiak MFA Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Arts, Department of Musicology (Czech Republic) Cultcode-Institute 
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