Artist statement

The basic starting point of my work is located in the area behind the other side of the monitor, in the area of media simulacra. Working on the themes that I’m researching enables especially 3D digital “ready-made” methods of internet marketing. In short, I produce 3d digital work, through the use of Internet search based on which I create an architecture of the virtual image. Search results are used to compile the structure and theme of the work normally about current issues and their mutual relationships. The choice of topics and critical view of social, political and cultural issues become the starting point, which I develop in the area of global virtual structures. For this reason, in this work, I examine the problem of exposing the sexual, social and religious pressure on the individual. The problem I understand is rooted in anxiety. 3d digital media itself naturally integrate various types of non-material aesthetics that permit me the most efficient method of creating a virtual image. Using this method itself I understand as conceptual work. The construction method could be compared with a quotation from Roland Barthes: “The text is a tissue of citations drawn from the innumerable centers of culture.” The formal methods of the architectural work are closely influenced not only by an interest in the theme but mainly using data analysis and AI internet marketing methods, which reveal hidden or secret relationships. The resulting architecture image I consult with the context of global search engines. The choice of naming the work as well as the objects displayed reflects the mutual research context and its uniqueness. The constructed concept is created as a 3D digital work comparable to a child’s jigsaw puzzle. The resulting work is often verified even at the draft phase of publishing on blogs and social networks. By applying these methods I borrow not only the raw visuality of advertising but also create the work as a marketing project.