The ‚Skingoo‘ Series by Tomas Marussiac Explores Human Rights Issues (2004)

Skingoo‘ is a series by Tomas Marussiac, who began working with digital art in 2001. His first comprehensive series of computer graphics was in 2003/04, during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Here, Skingoo combines the words “skin” and “go” (LEGO). The main idea of this series of prints is based on the solution of acute problems of global terrorism. In addition, Skingoo explores human rights issues.

It is important not to forget that the terrorist is a person. The entire series of graphics was created as a 3D computer simulation. Marussiac deliberately removed the shadows of the characters and the whole figural compositions. Visualization works are so similar to the simple computer wallpaper background. — Great Aryan and other players are just trivial. Even the scene with the character of electric power cables has no emotion. Skingoo was created as the basis for the later series entitled ‚Childhood Sandbox.‘